Green Charter

Bowsall have made a strategic commitment to procure all its projects with greener living in mind.

Working closely with ecologists our schemes are designed to protect and enhance the natural settings into which they are incorporated.

At Bowsall we care about the world we live in and respect the environment and the impact that our developments have. Climate change is at the forefront of our developments as Bowsall acknowledges and accepts that the built environment alone is responsible for approximately half of all carbon emissions across the UK.

Our schemes are built to the Lifetime Homes standard and will all achieve the Code for Sustainable Homes  Levels 3 to 4 resulting in lower water consumption and greater energy efficiency.

Our sustainable neighbourhoods encompass our green values throughout the design and planning process incorporating well planned open spaces, landscaped amenity and the promotion of cycle use.

We are great advocates of the principles of REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE. This philosophy has seen the company specify sustainable building materials for its projects whilst also reducing its CO2 emissions through the use of renewable energy forms for heating and power in the homes it provides.
Working in partnership with the RSK Group, one of the nation’s top environmental consultants, we aim to mitigate the impact of development issues such as noise, flood, contamination.

Wherever possible locally sourced materials and suppliers are used during our construction process which helps to improve the local economies and promoting community employment as part of our tender process.

Our Green Charter reduces carbon emissions through car sharing, low energy lighting/heating and the reduction of office waste through initiatives such as paper recycling.

See our Project Fact Sheets for the sustainable communities we have created under our Green Charter.